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Frank Strazzeri Has Left Us

Posted on May 20, 2014 with 0 comments
Frank Strazzeri passed away in Rochester, New York, on Friday, May 9th at 8:05 AM EST. He had relocated to Rochester on April 30th, where he was born (April 24th, 1930). It had been a dream of his to return to his hometown and be close to family. His wife of 63 years Jo Ann had passed away a few months prior.  He is survived by his son and grandson, and his brother.  His last public performance was at Jax Bar and Grill on April 23rd. That night, we had a cake and celebrated his birthday, which was the following day. He had a memorable performance with his trio which was inspiring to hear, and he felt good playing a gig, being with some friends and having his birthday celebrated. Frank was influential to many people through his brilliant music. He was a huge inspiration and validation to me. I had never dreamed of having the chance to play music with him and be accepted as a colleague. He has left a wonderful "Jazz Legacy" which I have been honored to be part of.

I've had the distinct honor and pleasure to sit in with the Frank Strazzeri Trio the past two Wednesday performances at Jax Bar and Grill. Strazz is a very inspiring and influential Jazz musician who has gigged and recorded with the very best in Modern Jazz. Playing with him is always like a fascinating conversation expressed in musical notes. Cougar Estrada played drums, and Chris Haller played bass, forming a super swinging trio. What a pleasure to join them. Don't miss this wonderful experience at Jax Bar and Grill every other Wednesday.

The Gay Freedom Band performs this Sunday, March 25th at 4PM in the Gallery Theater, 4800 Hollywood Blvd (Barnsdall Park).  I will be joining the trombone section for this concert on the kind invitation of my talented UCLA school chum, and conductor of the band, Willis (Bill) Masonheimer.  I wanted to mention this excellent organization, voicing my support for the great service to the community that the Band exemplifies.  There always has been respect and appreciation for peoples choices in the Jazz community, and I believe, a level of comfort, with the GLBT community.  I am also personally sensitive to the importance of acceptance and respect for all humankind one for another, having lost my dear brother Dean to AIDS on March 17th, 1987.  That was a time of difficulty, where some considered AIDS as a righteous curse visited upon those who sinned.  As an early case, regular doctors couldn't even diagnose my brothers condition, and he had no medicine available [...]
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Anyone Else Know Bob Hardaway?

Posted on January 1, 2012 with 0 comments
This New Years Eve during Jazz Legacy's gig at Jax, I was asked if I knew Bob Hardaway by his erstwhile employer, pianist Ms. Lee Cochran, who was in attendance.  Wow!  Bob has been a musical hero to me as a guy who could be an excellent studio musician and great Jazz player as well.  I got to hear his music and play with him for about two years every Monday morning in the Gene Estes - Bob Enevoldsen Little Big Band rehearsal.  Bob also did me the honor of submitting my name as a potential member to the Musicians Interguild Credit Union Board of Directors, of which he was a long serving chairman.   BTW, Bob's father, a cartoonist with Disney Studios, originated Bugs Bunny!  Another great Disney cartoonist, Stephan Zupkas, has succeeded Bob very ably as the new chairman of MICU since Bob's retirement.  Steve fell by Jax on the December 9th gig and randomly sat at the bar next to Myrna Daniels, the editor of LA Jazz Weekly, in which MICU has regular advertising. [...]
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Generosity and Enthusiasm at Jax

Posted on March 15, 2011 with 0 comments
This past Saturday, March 12th, Jazz Legacy basked in the warmth and generosity of the wonderful patrons of Jax Bar and Grill, 339N Brand Blvd., in Glendale.  The enthusiasm of the audience was infectious, and the full tip jar brought smiles to the musicians faces.  A big thank you to all who attended!

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