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Anyone Else Know Bob Hardaway?

Posted on January 1, 2012 with 0 comments

This New Years Eve during Jazz Legacy's gig at Jax, I was asked if I knew Bob Hardaway by his erstwhile employer, pianist Ms. Lee Cochran, who was in attendance.  Wow!  Bob has been a musical hero to me as a guy who could be an excellent studio musician and great Jazz player as well.  I got to hear his music and play with him for about two years every Monday morning in the Gene Estes - Bob Enevoldsen Little Big Band rehearsal.  Bob also did me the honor of submitting my name as a potential member to the Musicians Interguild Credit Union Board of Directors, of which he was a long serving chairman.   BTW, Bob's father, a cartoonist with Disney Studios, originated Bugs Bunny!  Another great Disney cartoonist, Stephan Zupkas, has succeeded Bob very ably as the new chairman of MICU since Bob's retirement.  Steve fell by Jax on the December 9th gig and randomly sat at the bar next to Myrna Daniels, the editor of LA Jazz Weekly, in which MICU has regular advertising.  6 degrees of separation seems to be a huge overstatement!  But then again, there are soooo many cool people who come to hear Jazz Legacy, some amazing things are bound to happen.