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Welcome to my site dedicated to jazz fans of all ages! 

Jazz Legacy is my's a labor of love for the music we call Jazz.  Jazz Legacy represents love and inspiration, musical integrity and excellence, great performances of great repertoire.  Our performances are like musical snowflakes...recognizable as Jazz in their beauty yet always unique, brought to our audience with love, respect and integrity.

The Jazz Legacy Quintet started it all as one of Los Angeles' hottest mainstream jazz aggregations.  Kirk Silsbee writes in the LA Times 12/27/12 "The band has tremendous propulsion and visceral force."  Here's what John Sollenberger wrote in the Pasadena Weekly, 05/31/12, "Friday night offers a killer jazz performance at Jax Bar & Grill as Jazz Legacy stops in for a set."

Here's what Myrna Daniels wrote in LA Jazz Scene in the January 2012 issue:  "This was a solid group of musicians who played with so much spirit and integrity.  For big jazz fans the music was great.  For those out for a fun night the music helped promote jazz as more than just background music".  

The Quintet was chosen to perform at the Frank Strazzeri Memorial Concert held at Jax Bar and Grill June 27th, 2014.  It was a stirring tribute performed to a packed house of friends, colleagues, and the great patrons of Jax.  We are preparing live recordings and videos taken that night, so watch this space.

Jazz Legacy always includes my trombone-my musical voice and medium.  We can right size our group for the needs of our host, from the intimacy of a duo to the rich sound of a sextet.  We have an extensive repertoire featuring compositions by Frank Strazzeri, along with other great tunes by the likes of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and other luminaries.  Our fantastic CD, The Sands Of Time, features nine Strazzeri originals, and is the only release that is exclusively Strazzeri titles.  We have been appearing monthly at Jax Bar and Grill, 339 N. Brand Blvd. in Glendale, as well as at many other venues around town.  Check the Calendar for all the details, and come hear live jazz as it is meant to be experienced.  Enjoy our Videos, listen to Music streams, and get your free download of Hip Pocket.  Peruse the News while you plan to see us play and consider purchasing our CD from CD Baby or iTunes.  Scroll up to use the email registry (at the top of the page) to get on our mailing list with ease and complete confidentiality.  We'd love to stay in touch!  Those wishing to book the band can do so using the Contact information.  Learn about our impressive careers by clicking on the Bio.  We'd love to play for you, and will work to "spread the word" for public events and venues.

Steve Johnson

The Sands of Time - Steve Johnson's Jazz Legacy

Are you looking to hire a great musical group, but have a more intimate setting?  We can offer the Jazz Legacy Duo pairing Steve Johnson with the Guitar and Vocal styling of Curtis Parry, or with the LA area's finest singing jazz pianists such as John Proulx or Gaea Schell, Combo Llamativo, a Latin Jazz Duo , featuring the brilliant Peruvian pianist Albeniz Quintana, Randy Strom and his Marvelous Touch Guitar, or the Elliott Johnson Duo with multi-instrumentalist Jeff Elliott.  Want a bigger sound?  In a very special offering, the Jazz Legacy Sextet features an all Strazzeri repertoire of 40 original tunes and arrangements of standard tunes for Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone and three piece rhythm section .  Use the Music button to hear the band you are interested in, check the video section for an introduction to the Sextet.